Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why do I need a private investigator for a background check, can’t I just use the resources online?

Private Investigators are licensed and regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs - Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Licensed PIs have access to databases that are NOT available to others. The information obtained by a PI will be more current, in depth and comprehensive than any online search engine available to the general public. A PI can also continue the investigation further, if needed, which can ultimately save you money, time and grief.

Q. When would I ever need a Private Investigator for a background check?

Background investigations are mandatory when hiring new employees for your business, finding tenants for your properties, hiring nannies or household help, when considering business ventures or business partners, or for checking out that person before becoming romantically involved. We need to protect our assets and loved ones. Information is a powerful tool when making these types of life-changing decisions.

Q. What can be learned from a Background Check?

Background check includes personal information such as age, marital status, addresses, criminal convictions, and driving record. You may also uncover debt problems, including bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and notices of defaults. False Social Security numbers and/or aliases (AKAs) are also discovered. Background checks can also reveal past lawsuits; is the individual being sued or are they suing others? Some or all of this information may be useful in determining how to proceed personally or professionally with an individual. The information remains confidential and the subject in question does not know that they are being investigated.

Q. How can a Private Detective help me with my child custody issues?

While conducting a child custody surveillance, the private investigator watches and documents the activities of a parent, step-parent, nanny, or significant other while they are with the client’s child or children. This valuable information is gathered to ensure that the child’s safety is not at risk and can be used in court, if needed.

Q. What is the difference between a Private Investigator and a Police Officer?

Law enforcement officers (police officers) are employed by the government. Their primary purpose is to enforce the laws set forth by that government. Private investigators are hired by private citizens, corporations, attorneys and insurance companies, although sometimes may be employed by the local police force for expert assistance in crime scene investigation or to record witness accounts. While both private investigators and the police gather evidence, take witness statements, and provide surveillance, only the police can take action with that evidence. Private Investigators do not take action, they only record, document, and report their findings to their clients.

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