Online Background Checks - Yes, they are cheap, but are they really worth it?

One of the questions I am asked most often from business owners and entrepreneurs is, “Why can’t I just use one of those cheap, online, instant “Background Check” services to check people out?” Here’s why;

Almost all of the background check websites that you find on the internet are nothing more than sites that automatically search through free, that’s right, FREE public record sources. These companies buy old, out-dated information and resell it to you at 20 times the cost. Most of these sites are actually owned by the same company using a different name, selling the same useless information! What they do NOT do is provide you with an actual background check with the current and useful information you are searching for...scammed again!

Private Investigators use real investigative techniques based on years of investigative experience; ie. interviews, surveillance, trips to the courthouse, phone calls, AND a database that is current, updated, regulated and only available to licensed investigators and law enforcement. The data that is obtained can then be interpreted by someone who actually knows how to read it and sort through the relevant information, accuracies and inaccuracies. There are many ways to conduct your own investigation to find out information, but if you don’t have the time, please don’t waste your time or money on bad, outdated info. I’d go for the PI.

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