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Jackson P.I. Business Services

Businesses need an experienced private investigator to assist them in gathering information for a variety of reasons. The integrity of your business depends on the solidity of its foundation. This foundation includes the individuals within your business as well as your business consultants and financial partners.

Employment Background Checks for potential employees, qualifying potential investment partners and businesses, assessing the viability of potential real estate or other financial investments are mandatory actions to protect yourself and your business from fraud or financial loss resulting from a simple lack of information. Give your business the solid foundation it needs to be successful. Due diligence is not optional, it is a necessity for your business.

At Jackson PI Services, we offer a variety of services to businesses including, but not limited to:

  • Business background investigations
  • Employee background checks
  • Business asset checks
  • Due diligence
  • Business fraud investigations
  • Surveillance

If the service you require is not mentioned above, please contact us to discuss what is needed. Our team may be able to provide assistance or refer you to the proper agency to assist you further.

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