• Personal/Private

    Whether you need a background check on a caregiver, help identifying someone who stole your identity, confirmation on the safety of your child outside your custody, or documentation of a cheating spouse or partner, our team of investigators provides the most comprehensive and confidential information to help you solve your problem and get you the answers you need.

    Sometimes filing a police report is just the beginning....

  • Attorney Services

    Attorneys routinely need experienced private investigators to help them gather information that law enforcement cannot always provide.

    We understand that as an attorney, you need an investigator who is an expert in the field, who interviews witnesses and suspects properly, who behaves ethically, lawfully and professionally in the field as well as the courtroom. You need an investigator who asks the right questions, kee...

  • Business Services

    Businesses need an experienced private investigator to assist them in gathering information for a variety of reasons. The integrity of your business depends on the solidity of its foundation. This foundation includes the individuals within your business as well as your business consultants and financial partners.

    Employment Background Checks for potential employees, qualifying potential investment partners and business...

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