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Jackson P.I. Attorney Services

Attorneys routinely need experienced private investigators to help them gather information that law enforcement cannot always provide.

We understand that as an attorney, you need an investigator who is an expert in the field, who interviews witnesses and suspects properly, who behaves ethically, lawfully and professionally in the field as well as the courtroom. You need an investigator who asks the right questions, keeps you informed, reports clearly and concisely, and most of all, saves you time so that you can focus on your strategy for a winning case.

At Jackson PI Services, we offer a variety of services to attorneys including, but not limited to:

  • Civil investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Litigation support and trial preparation
  • Background checks
  • Asset checks
  • Family Law/Domestic relations
  • Surveillance
  • Scene investigation
  • Process Server


If the service that you seek is not mentioned above, please contact us to discuss what is needed. Our team may be able to provide assistance or refer you to the proper agency to assist you further.

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